Every year, consumers use approximately 1.5 BILLION (1,500,000,000) bottles/cans, etc., of Air Fresheners.

Let those numbers sink in for a moment. And that's the U.S. alone! Effin Fresh™ is on its journey to greatly reduce these numbers.


You may think that with the name Effin Fresh™, we are careless about how we source our ingredients, manufacture and bottle our fragrances.

This couldn't be further from the truth! We are a very conscious company, and every aspect of our production is painstakingly thought through and executed.

Our #1 care is the health and wellness of every single customer.

With Effin Fresh™ being marketed mainly to College kids, who are all about sustainable products, we had to make sure our Air Fresheners fall in line with their views.



Here's the low-down on our fragrances: 

Therapeutic Fragrances - All of our Therapeutic Fragrances are 100% natural, using pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. No synthetic ingredients, no chemical preservatives(we use our secret all natural preservative), no artificial colors, no artificial fragrances.

*Essential Oils a milder, softer and shorter lasting scent, but the therapeutic lasts very long, even after the scent fades. 

These therapeutic fragrances are perfect for students who need to relax and study for exams, yoga enthusiasts, meditation sessions and more. 

All Other Fragrances - Every other fragrance is 96%-98% natural, with fragrance oils being the only additional ingredients. Think perfumes, fragranced hand sanitizers, preservatives in almost 100% of the food we consume and so much more.....GUESS WHAT? They contain ingredients we would never ever think of putting in our fragrances.

Though these fragrances don't officially offer any therapeutic benefits, the placebo effect is still there, meaning the calming scent of say, Lavender Absolute, will be experienced to a great extent with our non-therapeutic Lavender.

*Fragrance Oils have come a very long way, and are produced in extremely safe methods. We source our oils from FDA regulated and approved Labs/Facilities. Fragrance Oils also hold a much stronger and longer lasting scent.

All of our fragrances are naturally preserved(we use our secret all natural preservative), so there are no chemical preservatives in our fragrances. We do all this to ensure that you have the healthiest Air Freshener possible, to keep your Dorm Room, Home, Car and other personal space smelling Effin Fresh™!